Prezza: My Story: Pulling No Punches

Autor: Davies, Hunter
Prescott, John

Editorial: Headline

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Prezza: My Story: Pulling No Punches : PREZZA: PULLING NO PUNCHES finally tells the remarkable journey of an 11-plus failure who became a union firebrand, a campaigning MP and Britain's longest-serving deputy prime minister. Whether you regard John Prescott as a street brawler, traitor to the left, grace-and-favour croquet player, philanderer and minister without a job; OR as the man who ensured crucial party modernisation, who helped get Labour back into power, who kept the peace between Brown and Blair, who fought with Al Gore to get the ground-breaking Kyoto Agreement signed and the voice of reason in the Cabinet - his life story makes for a compelling read.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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