Pharaoh: Life And Afterlife Of A God

Autor: Kennett, David

Editorial: Walker & Company

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Pharaoh: Life And Afterlife Of A God : In Ancient Egypt, the pharaoh is the supreme ruler and overseer of every aspect of life - a living god. From the moment of his coronation, he is busy with the construction of elaborate temples, the conquering of foreign lands, and the creation of beautiful jewelry and art, all of which are done to worship the great Egyptian gods and to expand the pharaoh's eternal legacy. Yet Pharaoh is ever mindful of his eventual journey into the afterlife and his final transformation into a complete god. Through such funerary rites as embalming and organ removal, the pharaoh's soul will move on to paradise, while his body remains on earth in one of his ornately decorated temples. Full of fascinating, little-known details about Ancient Egypt all brought to life by David Kennett's stunning graphic novel-style artwork, Pharaoh shines a jewel-toned light on the lives and afterlives of Seti I and Ramesses II - and the powerful civilizations they built.

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ISBN 13:9780802795687
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Formato:Cartón Grueso (Library Binding)
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