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Odds 'R : An amusing and quirky compendium of everything you've ever wondered about, worried about, or wished you knew...

Odds 'R™has picked some of the best brains around to deliver the most fascinating and factual odds-based Q&A on life, love, sex, sports, death, and much, much more, sure to challenge and amuse even the most devoted trivia buff.

Gone With the Wind --
What is the chance that anyone in the U.S. will die from flatulence?

B)1 in 140 million
C)1 in 280 million

B) 1 in 140 million
Whewwww! Who knew? It’s hard to imagine, but according to CDC records between 1999 and 2001 there has been an average of about 2 deaths per year–from flatulence!No word on what these unfortunate folks had eaten before they…passed.

Source: CDC 2005

In the “Ooops” Category

About 200 surgical implements are used in the average operation. What’s the chance of someone dying from a “foreign object” mistakenly left in the body during an operation?

A)1 in 40 million
B)9 in 40 million
C)19 in 40 million

B)9 in 40 million
“We’re missing a scalpel!” isn’t what you want to hear coming out of post-op. Of the 40 million annual surgeries performed in U.S. hospitals, an average of 9 deaths a year are caused by “foreign objects being left in the body during surgery.”And you thought theSeinfeldJunior Mint episode was just a joke!

Source: CDC 1998

Granny Gets it On --
What is the chance that an American woman over the age of 75 has a sexual partner?

A)1 in 2
B)1 in 4
C)1 in 10

B) 1 in 4
Go, Granny, go! According to the AARP, about 25% of women over 75 have regular sexual partners. The rest are sticking with “Not tonight, dear, I’ve had a heat attack.”

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