Natives and Exotics

Autor: Alison, Jane

Editorial: Harcourt

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Natives and Exotics : Transplanted halfway around the globe in 1970, nine-year-old Alice, the unrooted child of diplomats, is ravished by the beauty of Ecuador, a country her parents are helping to despoil. Forty years earlier, her grandmother Violet, a newlywed making a home in the wilds of Australia, confronts troubling traces of her country's past. In early nineteenth-century Scotland, Violet's great-great-grandfather George flees the violence of the Clearances for the Portuguese Azores, unaware that he will have a hand in destroying the unearthly paradise he finds there and be forced to flee again. Natives and Exotics follows these three characters, linked by blood and legacy, as they wander a world scarred by colonialism and disconcerting revelations about nature, from the unearthing of the first dinosaur bones to the discovery that the continents drift.

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