My Isl@M: How Fundamentallism Stole My Mind--and Doubt Freed My Soul

Autor: Nasr, Amir Ahmad

Editorial: St. Martin's Press

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My Isl@M: How Fundamentallism Stole My Mind--and Doubt Freed My Soul : The recent Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions have demonstrated to the world that young Muslim freedom fighters today have something explosive in their hands. No, it's not a bomb. It's a computer connected to the Internet. And it has the power to help ignite an uprising, and blow apart the structures of ignorance, repression and indoctrination that too often still imprison the Muslim mind. Part inspirational memoir, part passionate call to freedom and democracy, My Isl@m tells the tale of how the internet opened Amir Ahmad's eyes and heart to a world beyond the conspiracy theories and religious fundamentalism of his early youth. In his honest, provocative, and courageous debut, Ahmad steps out from behind the curtain of anonymity and emerges as a voice of a new generation of Muslims. Set in war-ravaged Sudan, the oil-rich Arab Gulf nation of Qatar, multi-religious Malaysia, the United States, and the new frontiers of the Western and Muslim political blogospheres, My Isl@m is a disarming and uplifting tale of doubt, soul-searching, and finally finding peace in the most unexpected of places. My Isl@m is ultimately about the author's journey of spiritual awakening and why and how the internet will not only help reform the political landscape of the Arab and Muslim worlds, but also significantly shape the future of Islam as well.

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