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Loving Your Mother without Losing Your Mind

Autor: Macauley, Sheryl Wright
Wright, Norman H.

Editorial: Revell

Formato:Pocket Books
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Loving Your Mother without Losing Your Mind : Your relationship with your mother can set the pattern for how you function in other relationships and in the world. When you think about your mom's influence - even if she is no longer in your life - do you feel hurt, frustrated, or angry? Trusted counselor H. Norman Wright and his daughter, Sheryl, reveal why the mother-daughter relationship doesn't have to control your life or your future. They will help you: understand your mother's parenting style and how it has affected you; rewrite memories and messages from the past; break old communication patterns; find forgiveness - for yourself and your mother; make progress even if your mother refuses to - or cannot - change. With the wisdom and practical insights found in this book, you will be able to start building a new relationship with your mother today, even if distance or death has separated you.

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Autoayuda   Personal Growth

ISBN 13:9780800787868
ISBN 10:0800787862
Formato:Pocket Books
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