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Joy Riding with Daisy Hollow

Autor: Floan, Michelle M.

Editorial: N/A

Formato:Tapa Dura
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Joy Riding with Daisy Hollow : As it happens with some people, 15-year-old Daisy Hollow stopped going to church. It didn't happen at once, but slowly. And ever since, Christmas didn't seem to hold its same luster. Actually, Daisy was mad at God. Then one fateful day, her life took an unexpected turn. It seemed like any normal day -- except it was better-- because it was the last day of school attendance before Christmas Vacation, and the student body was gearing up for Victor's Xmas party. Daisy was certain that this day would change her life and social standing. And it does change Daisy, but not in a way that she could have imagined. And by Christmas Day, Daisy won't recognize herself - or her life.

Categoría   Sub-Categoría
Ficción para Niños   Social Situations

ISBN 13:9780979009815
ISBN 10:0979009812
Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:8.98" l x 6.41" w x 0.79" h
Edades: 12+