Jesus, Career Counselor

Autor: Jones, Laurie Beth

Editorial: Howard Books

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Jesus, Career Counselor :

Written to help readers get, find, and keep the work they love, "JESUS, Career Counselor" weaves together practical self-help concepts, intriguing stories, relevant statistics, and Bible scriptures.

Divided into four sections centered on the four natural giftings or personalities of people, this book explores twelve dreams that God has for each individual - including rise, risk, roar, renew, regenerate, rejoice, relate, and more. It then instructs readers in how to realize each one of these dreams, no matter their natural inclination.

As individual personalities of Fire, Earth, Water, and Wind are explored, the book explains how the "Fire" of excitement translates to Leadership Skills, how the "Earth" of grounding translates into Good Habits and Character Development, how the "Water" of life-giving becomes Relationship Skills, and how the "Wind" of release becomes the Creativity and Innovation, which are in high demand in every industry in the world today.

Readers will learn how to discover their four greatest talents and create their personal Talent Shield, which will help them choose a meaningful career based on their Life's Mission Statement. Each chapter serves as a free-standing career guidepost, and includes Career Exercises, pertinent Word Definitions, Career Choices for individual gifting, Self-Quizzes, and Reader Study Guides.

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