Is Your Neighbor a Zombie?

Autor: Stangroom, Jeremy

Editorial: Bloomsbury USA

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Is Your Neighbor a Zombie? :

Philosophers have been devising thought experiments to challenge the mind for more than two millennia. Some of the greatest thinkers in history have grappled with such thorny issues as free will, personal identity, and the problem of other minds. The way we try to solve these problems and puzzles can tell us much about ourselves and the way we see the world.

Is Your Neighbor a Zombie? presents dilemmas and logic puzzles designed to expand your way of thinking, while also giving an insight into key concepts in the philosophical and psychological lexicons. From classic problems and paradoxes (What Will the Crocodile Do?, Is Small and Happy Best?) to theories about personal identity and group behavior (Can You Be Responsible for What Is Unavoidable?, Will Help Arrive?) to thought experiments (What If Monty Doesn't Know?, Should You Run Over the Fat Man?), the clear and witty presentation of each problem invites you to expand your mental horizons and challenge your preconceptions.

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