Iraq: A Lost War

Autor: El-Shibiny, Mohamed

Editorial: Palgrave Macmillan

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Iraq: A Lost War : Iraq: A Lost War deals with the impact of September 11th on the occupation of Iraq and the American declaration of war on international terrorism. It investigates whether war in Iraq was morally justified and whether coalition forces capturing and hanging its president were morally and legally acceptable internationally. The book further investigates the opinion of the UN, EU, and Islamic countries against the American unilateral invasion of Iraq. Additionally, it investigates the abuse of power in U.S. military detentions that caused a rise in worldwide condemnation of the U.S. The book also explores how the ultra-conservative Islamic insurgents of Bin Laden penetrated Northern Iraq, which intended to lay out the ignition of civil-war between the two main religious sects there, namely Sunni and Shia. The book examines the steps taken in the democratization and reconstruction of a devastated Iraq while the author highlights that democracy in Iraq has to evolve from within the Iraqi people, their culture, their traditions, and their social values.

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