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Intermediate Teacher's Math Activities Kit Grades 4-6)

Autor: Micklo, Stephen J.

Editorial: Jossey-Bass

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Intermediate Teacher's Math Activities Kit Grades 4-6) : 100 ready-to-use lessons with reproducible activity sheets to support any intermediate math program

Each section in this valuable resource features detailed lesson plans, objectives, activity sheets, materials, lists, answer keys, and related activities that cover the basic concepts of six essential areas of the 4--6 math curriculum:
* Symmetry-from turn and flip to bilateral symmetry and tessellation
* Geometry-lines, angles, polygons, congruent figures, and more
* Measurement-from time duration and temperature to distance on a map and scale drawing
* Probability-such as likelihood, chance, fair games, Pascal's Triangle, and more
* Statistics-including picture, bar, line, and circle graphs and methods of data collection
* Algebra-including patterns, equality, function, and variables

The lessons, which can be taught to the entire class or to small groups of students, are divided into levels of knowledge: Beginning Level activities introduce mathematical content and vocabulary; Learning Level activities reinforce content already introduced with hands-on, concrete materials; and Challenging Level activities ask students to use the content knowledge in a different way.

Each activity includes specific teacher directions for presenting the information, followed by reproducible worksheets to copy for the classroom. There's also a unique appendix of teacher resources, including pictures, grids, tables, graphs, figures, and much more. These can be reproduced for teacher and student use, made into overhead transparencies, and are incorporated into many of the lessons-which means no more hunting for resources. Everything you need for your intermediate math program is here in this one-stop guide.

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