I Wish I Knew That Math

Autor: Goldsmith, Mike

Editorial: Reader's Digest

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I Wish I Knew That Math : Math, so often a mystery to children, is simply explained in I Wish I Knew That Math. With clear, commonsense explanations of mathematical concepts and fun and interesting applications, this book is a great way to increase your understanding of math. The concepts addressed include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Basic operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • The math behind money
  • The connections between math and music
  • Irrational numbers - Why did Pythagoras have one of his followers killed just for talking about the square root of 2?
  • The value of zero
  • Angles - from acute, all the way to reflexive
  • Coordinates and the Cartesian plane
  • Probability - What is the likelihood of being struck by lightning?
  • Logic - induction, deduction and Sherlock Holmes
  • Computers and algorithms
  • Code breaking - from ancient Rome to super computers

With its readable style and engaging examples, I Wish I Knew That: Math can give children a head start or a helping hand in their understanding of math. Even grownups could learn a thing or two that they may have forgotten or maybe things they never learned at all!

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