Hunting The Dragon

Autor: Dixon, Peter

Editorial: Hyperion Books

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Hunting The Dragon : Billy Crawford is a blond, eighteen-year-old surfer from Southern California, working in Fiji as a surfing guide. But when he gets fired for leading his guests into some dangerous surf, his endless summer seems to be over and he decides that it's time to get a real job. He comes across a tuna clipper called Lucky Dragon whose crew is short a boatman, and the First Mate offers him a job. What Billy doesn't know, is that the clipper finds tuna by following dolphins. Dolphins and tuna feed on the same type of fish, so wherever a pod of dolphins is feeding, there's a good chance that tuna are very close by. When Lucky Dragon sets its net for the first time, Billy witnesses a harrowing sight - dolphins being killed by the Dragon's money-hungry pirates. When he attempts to save a dolphin who is caught in the tuna net, the Dragon's captain tosses Billy's belongings - including his surfboard - into the ocean and leaves him behind. Fortunately, the dolphin Billy saved befriends him and tows him to shore, where he meets up with a dolphin activist named Benny. Benny has raised enough money to buy an old navy ship, the Salvador, and plans to use it to ram and sink the Lucky Dragon. Along with Benny is Sarah, the pretty young daughter of Benny's primary benefactor. Benny invites Billy to join his crusade and Billy willingly accepts. With the help of Billy's dolphin friend Chatter, the adventurers set out on a quest to save dolphins, find Lucky Dragon, and send it to the bottom of the sea. What transpires is a thrilling tale full of action, suspense, and even a little romance.

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Young Adult Fiction   Action & Adventure

ISBN 13:9781423124986
ISBN 10:1423124987
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Edades: 12+

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