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Homework for Grown-ups (Canadian Edition)

Autor: Coates, B.
Foley, E.

Editorial: Collins

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Homework for Grown-ups (Canadian Edition) : Homework for Grown-ups is a brilliantly informative and entertaining book of old-school knowledge for adults. It is the ultimate refresher course on mathematics (remember Pythagoras' theorem? You will!), English grammar and literature (do you know your Margarets?), and chemistry and the sciences (including the big bang theory). It spans geography (can you name the planets in order?), history (what exactly was the Family Compact?), art, Latin, phys. ed. (hockey!), home economics and much more... including, crucially, recess (finally, definitive rules for Red Rover!). Packed with essential facts, figures and theories, Homework for Grown-ups is a practical and wonderfully nostalgic revision guide for adults that will entertain while exercising the mind. It'll make readers the hit of any cocktail party, and might even equip parents to handle their child's homework without humiliation.

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ISBN 13:9781554687640
ISBN 10:1554687640
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