Heaven's Net Is Wide (The First Tales of the Otori)

Autor: Boehmer, Paul
Hearn, Lian

Editorial: Highbridge Audio

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Heaven's Net Is Wide (The First Tales of the Otori) : Heaven's Net is Wide is the new beginning to the celebrated Tales of the Otori, the prequel that reveals the full story of Lord Otori Shigeru - the figure who has presided in both life and death over the entire series, the man who represents the true spirit of the Otori Clan. As the story opens, the young Shigeru, heir to the clan, is eager to assert his authority and to face down treachery from within his own family and hostility from the far corners of the Three Countries. As his youthful determination pushes the Otori inexorably toward war with the rival Tohan Clan - and their ruthless, scheming warlord, lida Sadamu - fate appears to have some difficult lessons in store for Shigeru. Heaven's Net is Wide is the first and last Tale, which both introduces the strange and beautiful world of the Otori and closes the circle. Set in a mythical, medieval Japan, this epic historical fantasy is a story of revenge and betrayal, honor and loyalty, beauty, passion, and the overwhelming power of love. Unabridged on 14 compact discs. Read by J. Paul Boehmer and Julia Fletcher.

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