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Harvest : A stifling heat wave rolls into New York City, threatening to crank the level of tension past the boiling point. Homicide Detective Alexandra "Hemi" Hemingway is already on edge, only recently recovered from a shootout that nearly killed her.

On the morning that Hemi discovers that she is pregnant, a twisted serial killer makes his debut. Hemi is a hard-core street combatant, but she is about to come up against a force too dark for even her to comprehend. As Hemi and her partner, Jon Phelps, carve a path through the city's underbelly in search of the killer, they're besieged on all fronts, and it isn't long before Hemi finds herself a target.

Not for the faint of heart, Harvest is a relentless ride that takes you through the fractured world of a horrific killer, And you will never feel safe again.

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Ficción   Thrillers

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Formato:Libros de Pintura
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