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Guardian of the Horizon

Autor: Peters, Elizabeth

Editorial: William Morrow & Company

Formato:Tapa Dura


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Guardian of the Horizon : Ousted from their most recent archaeological dig and banned forever from the Valley of the Kings, the Emersons are spending a quiet summer at home in Kent, England, when a mysterious messenger arrives. Claiming to be the teenage brother of their dear friend Tarek, prince of the mysterious Lost Oasis, the charismatic herald brings troubling news of a strange malady that has struck down Tarek's heir and conveys his brother's urgent need for help only the Emersons can provide. Driven by loyalty - and a fear that the evil forces opposing Tarek's rule will now exploit the royal heir's grave illness - the family sets off in secret for the land time forgot - a mountain fortress from which they narrowly escaped ten years before. Braving the treacherous desert climate on a trek fraught with danger at every turning, guided only by a crumbling map, the Emersons are unaware that deception is leading them onward into a nest of vipers - where a dreadful fate may await.

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Ficción   Historical
Ficción   Mystery & Detective

ISBN 13:9780066214719
ISBN 10:0066214718
Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:9.74" l x 6.24" w x 1.31" h
Grado: Non-Classifiable