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Grave Expectations: Planning The End Like There's No Tomorrow

Autor: Bailey, Sue
Flowers, Carmen

Editorial: Cider Mill Press

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Grave Expectations: Planning The End Like There's No Tomorrow : There isn't a person alive who likes to think about dying - but eventually it does happen to all of us. And no one knows better what we'd like at our own funerals than we do ourselves. So, start planning! You'd be surprised that it can even be…well fun, thanks to the lighthearted tone Carmen Flowers and Sue Bailey take in this practical guide. They offer really useful, valuable advice along with a comforting perspective. Full of humorous and poignant funeral stories and first-person accounts, Grave Expectations is the ultimate handbook. It's packed with creative suggestions for realizing one's final wishes, and gives you the chance to memorialize your life on your own terms in your own way. Rather than being morbid, following the steps in the book with friends and family can be an event in itself, providing guidance, peace of mind, and even an opportunity for self-discovery and expression. Plus, it's good to know that the family and friends who love you won't be burdened by making difficult decisions during a challenging time.

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Familia y Relaciones   Death, Grief, Bereavement

ISBN 13:9781604330212
ISBN 10:160433021X
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