Gordito Doesn't Mean Healthy

Autor: Alcaniz, Lourdes
Gonzalez, Claudia

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Gordito Doesn't Mean Healthy : Traditional Latino culture believes "a fat baby is a healthy baby." This idea was born in a time and place when food wasn't plentiful and those with more weight had a greater chance of survival should food become scarce. This cultural belief, along with some genetic factors specific to Latinos, is resulting in an obesity epidemic in the Latino community among both children and adults. Written by a nutritionist and a health reporter - both are Hispanic mothers - Gordito Doesn't Mean Healthy is the first book of its kind, offering information, strategies, and tools to prevent and manage obesity with a complete nutrition plan that is adapted to the cultural and culinary customs of the Hispanic population.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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