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Get Centered

Autor: Altman, Nathaniel
Knight, Sirona

Editorial: Sterling

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Get Centered : Zen and Christian meditations, meditations from T'ai Chi and Kabbalah, and those for healing and deepening an understanding of self: these hundreds of divinations create a path to calmness and well-being. Seekers will find an abundance of choices drawn from different spiritual traditions, including guided meditations, meditating on sacred symbols, meditating to music, chanting, walking and nature meditations, writing meditations, and Tantric meditations. An entire section provides an introduction to runes, powerful symbols linked to Norse mythology, with explanations for each one and guidance on how to use them to expand your consciousness. In addition to a short description for every technique, there are simple how-to instructions and advice for creating a sacred space, breathing properly, and choosing an appropriate posture.

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Cuerpo, Mente y Espíritu   Meditation
Autoayuda   Meditation

ISBN 13:9781402729454
ISBN 10:1402729456
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