Generations of the Heart

Autor: Litman, Viqui

Editorial: Kensington Publishing Corporation

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Generations of the Heart : After Darlene Kindalia's boyfriend hits the road in her Camaro, she packs up her daughter Tiffany and moves in with her mother, hairdresser extraordinaire for the country spa called The Ladies Farm. Not that Darlene doesn't have prospects. She's got her own business, a body to die for, and a personality bubblier than a Dr. Pepper. She just doesn't have much luck finding a good man. Darlene blames her poor judgment - loudly and often - on her upbringing by Rita, who changed husbands as often as she changed her hair color. And so from the start, Darlene decides to never tell Rita about agreeing to become a surrogate mother for rich, good-looking Ryan Plummer, M.D., and his wife. But Darlene's unusual pregnancy will have an unexpected impact on Kat, business manager of The Ladies Farm, who's struggling with a heartbreaking secret - and the bed-and-breakfast itself, which needs a new gimmick to attract guests. Not to mention Earl Westerman, former blocker for the Sydonia high school football team, who's taken to following Darlene around like a big St. Bernard puppy. And when Ryan Plummer's own hidden agenda comes to light, it ignites a tinderbox of emotion among parents, children, husbands and wives - with the real needs and passions of a young woman's heart smack dab in the center of the fireworks...

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