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Geeks : Internet-culture expert Jon Katz has covered cyber issues for years, receiving hundreds of E-mails from his readers around the globe. But not until he heard from Jesse Dailey, a nineteen-year-old living in a rural Midwestern town, did he fully comprehend one of the Net's greatest benefits -- to provide community, moral support, and "geek pride" to society's ostracized underdogs: the geeks. When Katz traveled to Idaho to meet Jesse and his geek buddy Eric Twilegar, he sparked a chain of events that would ultimately change all three of their lives forever.

Entertaining and provocative, Geeks traces the miraculous evolution of Jesse and Eric, two lonely misfits who, still reeling from an unbearable adolescence marked by isolation and ridicule, begin to dream of a better life. With Katz's gentle encouragement, Jesse and Eric ditch their dismal day-jobs fixing computers and embark on a wild ride of self-discovery as they slowly realize that, with their incredible high-tech knowledge, the world is at their fingertips. They set out to conquer Chicago, geek-style -- and ultimately find not only better jobs but the geek American dream: friends, girlfriends, and eventually admission to one the country's most prestigious universities.

In this captivating, utterly magical tale, Katz introduces the perfect twenty-first-century heroes: two lost boys on a quest for acceptance that takes them from the seedy underbelly of America's technology culture up into a world of prosperity and happiness. A modern fable of triumph over adversity, Geeks will make readers want to stand up and cheer.

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