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Force Protection

Autor: Kent, Gordon

Editorial: HarperCollins Publisher

Formato:Pocket Books
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Force Protection : While his carrier USS Thomas Jefferson patrols the Indian Ocean, Intelligence Officer Alan Craik flies to Mombassa to assess security. But no sooner has he arrived in the Kenyan port than a U.S. Navy support vessel is blown up at dockside. In the ensuing mayhem, violence erupts in the ancient streets, rapidly spiraling out of control - until Craik steps in, risking his life to prevent further chaos. Rumors suggest the involvement of Muslim terrorists. Alan has his own ideas, but when a car bomb explodes outside a U.S. agency in Cairo, it becomes clear that someone objects to the U.S. presence in the area. Nobody knows where or when the next attack will come. And with a new battle group heading to the Suez Canal and a massive storm brewing in the Indian Ocean, Alan Craik must act fast.

Categoría   Sub-Categoría
Ficción   Espionage/Intrigue

ISBN 13:9780007809103
ISBN 10:0007809107
Formato:Pocket Books

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