Flash & Dazzle

Autor: Anthony, Ronald

Editorial: Forge Books

Formato:Pocket Books
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Flash & Dazzle : Life is a party for Rich Flaster (Flash) and Eric Dazman (Dazzle). Best friends since college, Flash and Dazzle are taking the New York advertising world by storm. Their creative, lucrative campaigns have generated lots of buzz - enough that Rich is being courted by a prestigious firm that wants him to run their edgy downtown office. The only problem? They don't want Dazzle, just Flash. Flash and Dazzle have sworn to always stay together. Rich decides to keep the job offer a secret - even if that means lying to his best friend - while he sorts things out. But Rich won't get a chance to sort things out. While he's away, being wined and dined by his suitors, Daz finds out he's critically ill. Rich returns to a world he's never faced before - and realizes how little he really knows about his best friend. As with so many male friendships, the things that went unsaid told a story very different from the visible fun and games. And when Daz's beautiful, reserved sister arrives to be with her brother, Rich discovers that life can be more complex and sweet than he ever imagined. As the clock ticks down, Flash and Dazzle search for a way to break through the surface of their relationship, to explore each other's hearts, to communicate at a depth that men rarely reach, and to redefine their futures.

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ISBN 13:9780765351357
ISBN 10:0765351358
Formato:Pocket Books
Tamaño:6.60" l x 4.20" w x 0.90" h

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