First Born

Autor: Sears, Richard

Editorial: Forge Books

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First Born : From his first breath, people know that John Reed is special. Gifted with an uncanny awareness and ability to communicate, he also possesses the power to heal. Before long, a local priest heralds the infant as a new messiah, to the distress of his parents. Though many seek John Reed's aid, not all who are interested in the baby have benevolent motives, and those who seek the truth of John Reed's conception are soon marked for death. Neo Tech, part of a clandestine organization whose dark web extends from major multinational corporations to the vaults of the Vatican, believes that John Reed is not holy, or even human, but the first of a new generation of alien-human hybrids. Using "remote viewers" - psychically gifted men and women - Neo Tech monitors the infant, determined to unravel the mystery behind his origin and control whatever force created him. To date, the organization's efforts have failed. Now the beautiful Casey Lee Armstrong, Neo Tech's most gifted remote viewer, has been assigned to John Reed. Psychic contact with the infant offers her a glimpse of his origin and purpose - and makes her dangerous to Neo Tech. Marked for termination by her former employers, falsely accused of kidnapping John Reed, Casey begins a desperate search for the child.

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Ficción   Suspense

ISBN 13:9780312872502
ISBN 10:031287250X
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Tamaño:9.57" l x 6.47" w x 1.28" h
Grado: Non-Classifiable

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