Fields of Glory

Autor: Manheim, Ralph
Rouaud, Jean

Editorial: Arcade Publishing

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Fields of Glory : Set in the lower Loire Valley, Fields of Glory begins as an account of three elderly figures from the perspective of their grandchildren, for whom they are endearing, yet slightly embarrassing old fogeys. There is Grandfather, inscrutable and distant, as if lost in a clutter of memories he is trying to catalog; Grandmother, whose long-suffering self-denial reaches near legendary proportions; and Aunt Marie, whose spinsterish quirks are fired by a fierce determination that everything be done properly. Detail by detail, they come alive with luminous vibrancy as does the growing affection of the younger generation, who come to realize that behind their elders' peculiarities are losses memory will not let go. These go back to the First World War, back to the so-called fields of glory, where a generation of young men was slaughtered and entombed. Those who waited for them to come home are left to sift through the wreckage of the relics from a time frozen forever. 154 pages.

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