Faerie Wisdom

Autor: Kemp, Gillian

Editorial: Cico Books

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Faerie Wisdom : Faeries and Fairyland have existed for as long as nature. The word 'faeries' derives from the Latin fatae, meaning 'the fates'. Fay-eerie translates as 'an enchanted state'. "Faerie Wisdom's" 52 faerie cards gain you entry to Fairyland. Whenever you are in a state of transition, the cards will reveal your fate when asked. You lay them out as Tarot cards to predict the future, or choose any faerie message card for a daily affirmation. The four suits of cards are Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Each suit has a faerie queen and king, who rule the underworld of that season and its element. The cards encompass every aspect of faerie lore: the merpeople, who protect the oceans; the troll, who lives under the earth, healing the roots of the trees; and, invisible brownies, the house-spirits who jinx or help us.Every card holds a unique faerie message, which can be used for a daily affirmation of faerie presence. The accompanying book contains a litany of faerie wisdom, from the elves and boggarts of the Celtic west to the sprites of central Europe, plus full interpretations for each beautifully illustrated card.

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