Facing Up

Autor: Peterson, Peter G.
Rudman, Warren B.
Tsongas, Paul E.

Editorial: Simon & Schuster

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Facing Up : The federal budget deficit is out of control, posing a growing threat to both the pocketbook and the future of every American. Without swift and decisive action to fix it, we run the risk of becoming a nation in decline - with a faltering economy, reduced international influence, and lowered expectations for all. By avoiding the tough choices that must be made, today's politicians have turned their backs on future generations of Americans who will have to pay for our excess. In Facing Up, Peter G. Peterson, former United States Secretary of Commerce. tells the truth about the budget deficit - what caused it, why it's so difficult to do anything about it, and what we can do to prevent it from destroying the American dream. Updated with a new introduction and coverage of the most recent developments in health-care and welfare reform, the book offers a bold, authoritative, practical plan for bringing the deficit back under control.

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