Exit Alpha

Autor: Smith, Clinton

Editorial: HarperCollins Publisher

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Exit Alpha : When five superpowers put their heads together in the name of global political stability, the result is EXIT: the most deadly, secretive and efficient intelligence agency the world has ever known. EXIT specialises in the removal and replacement of 'problematic' people - be they political or religious leaders, scientists, academics or those with extraordinary talents. The EXIT mandate is simple: do it quickly and do it properly. Ray Cain is EXIT's most talented agent, a man trained specifically for one long-term mission in Pakistan. His task successfully completed, Cain now faces retirement in exile from the only existence he has ever known. Then he is recalled for a final trifling assignment - a project that should be straightforward. But Cain finds himself at the centre of a gathering storm on the most inhospitable continent on earth. EXIT is about to implode - the stakes are high, the players deadly - and there can be only one winner .

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Ficción   Suspense

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Formato:Pocket Books
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