Endless Honeymoon

Autor: Webb, Don

Editorial: Thomas Dunne Books

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Endless Honeymoon : Way back when, Robin Hood's turf for his deeds of derring-do was England. Nowadays, Willis and Virginia work the turf in Texas, righting wrongs by spotting society's nastiest creeps - the mean and bitter people who make everybody's lives worse. (A high-powered computer program allows them to identify these people easily.) Their modus operandi is to perform an ingenious prank on the nasty cuss in hopes of rehabilitating him or her. Imagine the shock when they put a prank into action on July 4th . . . only to find their victim has just been murdered for real. Someone must be one step ahead of them. And indeed, someone is, a shadowy figure. Someone else is also lurking one step behind them, and there's an FBI agent who's keeping pace with them, and it seems there are other figures in the mix.

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Ficción   Mystery & Detective

ISBN 13:9780312265823
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