Drama Queen: A Gay Man's Guide to an Uncomplicated Life

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Drama Queen: A Gay Man's Guide to an Uncomplicated Life : For many gay men, drama is the raison d'etre of their entire existence. Everybody has met someone like this -- they spend the rent money on a new wardrobe, spread more gossip than E! Entertainment News, and every minor incident is cause for a major scene. While the afflicted might believe their endless drama is an essential spice of life, in reality it scares off friends, irritates family and co-workers, and sends strangers running for cover.

But finally, there is hope for us all. Drama Queen is the essential guide for recognizing, acknowledging, and turning down the volume for every drama-loving man. It explores the roots of drama, quantifies the major types of drama queens (Gym Addict, Health Freak, the gossipy Public Address system, and more), and provides quizzes to help the reader identify their own DQ (Drama Quotient). But most importantly, it provides a friendly guide to help the drama queen get over himself. Drama Queen is fast, funny, deadly accurate and more than a bit serious.

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