Door to Door

Autor: Tobin, Tobi

Editorial: Pocket Books

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Door to Door : In her hometown of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Tobi Tobin learned the fine arts of window-shopping and buying groceries on credit as her mother struggled to pay the bills. Determined to leave the Midwest and her dark past behind her, Tobi is thrilled when, at the age of fifteen, a modeling contest earns her an Elite modeling job in New York City. But when New York doesn't quite live up to her expectations, Tobi decides she knows what she wants - it just happens to be on another coast. Once in Los Angeles, Tobi does manage to find her way to the fringes of the Hollywood elite. Looking for an in to the industry, she spends her weekends bar-hopping and producer-hunting. Her first big break comes when she's offered a job working the door at a new club. For six years, Tobi mans the velvet rope, learning how to pick the crowd, play the masses and, above all, "perfect the lie." But too much contact with the leather-clad, glitter-wearing crowd leaves her wondering whether there really is any "Tobi" left behind the self she's invented.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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