Don't Wait for Me to Die

Autor: Vega, Mark

Editorial: Grupo Nelson

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Don't Wait for Me to Die : In our prosperous and materialistic society, faith in the power of God seems to be less and less necessary. If we can get what we want as a result of hardly any effort, then why have faith? However, it is risky to depend more and more on ourselves and less on God. In those difficult moments faith comes to our rescue. When Paul was traveling to Rome as a prisoner, he was shipwrecked, and when he found himself on solid ground, the apostle was bitten by a poisonous snake. The islanders were waiting from him to drop dead anytime. But the apostle, practicing his faith in God, just shook the viper off his hand and went on minding his own business. As believers, we are bound to experience all kinds of affliction. But in those difficult moments, anguish, far from being a prelude to defeat, is a foretaste of triumphs and victories. Nonetheless, getting to this point requires perseverance, tenacity, and, above all, the faith God has given us so we can use it on our own behalf. Reading this book will help you develop an active and triumphant faith.

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