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Deluxe Music Player Storybook (Sesame Street)

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Deluxe Music Player Storybook (Sesame Street) : Fun stories and lots of portable toe-tapping tunes! The hand-held music player contains 21 tunes. Kids can listen to the music using their player or in stereo with the docking station!

Go on a hike with Elmo, cheer up Oscar, rhyme with Abby, and so much more! Follow all your favorite Sesame Street characters through this special book that combines short stories with lots of portable toe-tapping tunes. Inside, Elmo, Abby, and their friends each introduce their own themed collection of song lyrics-some with unique Sesame Street-inspired words. The handheld music player contains over 20 tunes that kids can listen to using their player or in stereo with the docking station. Icons in the book tell kids when to play each song-providing a musically interactive experience. 

Features include:
í‚·      Removable music player and working docking station
í‚·      Over 20 new tunes!
í‚·      New stories featuring Elmo, Zoe, Oscar, Cookie Monster and all their friends
í‚·      New songs, including "Ring Around the Rosies," "Elmo Loves the Mountains," "For He's a Green Grouchy Fellow," and "Crunch! Goes the Cookie," will keep kids singing and dancing for hours! 

How to use your Deluxe Music Player:
í‚·      With each story you will see an icon that indicates a tune should be played
í‚·      Press the corresponding button on the music player to play each tune
í‚·      Press once to play a tune and press twice to move to the next tune
í‚·      Press "Play All" twice to play all tunes on the music player
í‚·      Press the "Play All" button and a specific icon to play all tunes for that icon
í‚·      Press "Stop" button to stop a tune from playing 

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Ficción para Niños   Interactive Adventure

ISBN 13:9780794422912
ISBN 10:0794422918
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Edades: 2 - 6