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Autor: Maso, Carol

Editorial: Dutton Books

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Defiance : Her name is Bernadette O'Brien. The unhappy child born into a working-class Irish Catholic family. The misfit and girl-genius, who entered the halls of academic privilege at the age of 12 and rose within its ranks to become a respected professor of physics at Harvard. The defiant woman, inspired in a most scrumptious occasion of sin to commit an extraordinary crime. The Death Row celebrity sentenced to die in the electric chair for the shocking sexual murder of two of her most promising male students, her sweet phallocentrics. In her journal (my death book), Bernadette takes a dark and resolute look back at the unfolding events that led to the horrific crimes for which she stood trial. For which she was condemned and for which she is now caged to dream, to imagine, to confess. 264 pages.

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