Conservatives Without Conscience

Autor: Dean, John W.

Editorial: Penguin Books

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Conservatives Without Conscience : How and why has the conservative leadership in this country become so cruel and amoral? To answer this question John Dean, author of the best-selling Worse Than Watergate, takes a critical look at the conservative movement's inner circle of leaders in the Republican Party. Dean finds their polices and mind-set to be fundamentally authoritarian and, as such, a danger to democracy. By examining the legacies of old-line conservatives including J. Edgar Hoover, Spiro Agnew, and Phyllis Schlafly and of current figures such as Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich, and leaders of the Religious Right, Dean presents an alarming record of abuses of power. His trenchant analysis of how conservatism has lost its bearings serves as a chilling warning and a stirring inspiration to safeguard constitutional principles.

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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