Collision & Collusion (Newly Updated)

Autor: Wedel, Janine R.

Editorial: St. Martin's Press

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Collision & Collusion (Newly Updated) : When the Soviet Union's Communist empire collapsed in 1989, the West had won the ultimate victory - it had driven a silver stake through the heart of communism and buried it at last. Soon after, the nations of Eastern Europe needed aid to reconstruct themselves as democratic states and full partners in the First World Order. Collision & Collusion, an exposé on a classic tale of greed, ignorance, and the use (or misuse) of tax-payers' dollars, tells the bizarre and sometimes scandalous story of the West's attempts to aid the former Soviet block. Janine R. Wedel looks behind the scenes at the bureaucrats, politicians, and consultants who worked to set up Western economic and political systems in Eastern Europe. Collision & Collusion details the extraordinary costs of institutional ignorance, cultural misunderstanding, and unrealistic expectations.

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Ciencias Políticas   International Relations

ISBN 13:9780312238285
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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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