Changing the Face of Hunger

Autor: Hall, Tony
Price, Tom

Editorial: Thomas Nelson

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Changing the Face of Hunger : If the Democratic party wants to learn how to court the evangelical community, they'd do well to learn from Tony Hall. As a Congressman, Tony Hall was reluctant to wear his faith on his sleeve. But if he was to be true to the faith he professed, he had to find a way to bring God into the political world in which he worked. He found the answer to this dilemma in one of the most awful places he's ever visited - Ethiopia. He realized, as he watched a doctor combing the crowds of starving Africans looking for a half-dozen lives he could save, that he would travel among the hungry and bring their needs to the attention of Washington. He even went on a much-publicized 22-day fast to call for attention to these issues. Years later, and after traveling to more than 100 countries, Tony Hall has seen it all - desperation, honor, starvation, redemption, and hope. From the dark corners of a political prison in Romania to the barren landscape of famine-stricken Africa, people are suffering and we can help.

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