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Booty Nomad

Autor: Mebus, Scott

Editorial: Miramax Books

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Booty Nomad : David has just dumped the girl he loved. But it wasn't his fault. Not really. She made him do it. After all, she was The Eater of Souls. And now she's buried in the relationship graveyard that is David's cell phone directory -- alongside Opera Girl, Bendy Girl, and Totem Pole. The only problem is, The Eater of Souls is still eating him up. He misses everything about her. Even her stubborn refusal to have sex with him because she felt like her dog was watching. Then along comes The Goddess. She's perfect: funny, attractive and, most importantly, single. In short, she's every booty nomad's fantasy: she might just be The One. But the Goddess is, um, a Goddess -- not so easy to catch and even harder to keep. And nobody is capable of messing up the really important things in life quite like our romantically inspired hero. From the pathetic paranoias of the lovelorn to the cringe-worthy screwups of the lovestruck, Booty Nomad is a wickedly funny and unexpectedly touching novel. Shot through with smart dialogue and lovably mixed-up characters, it presents a view of modern life that will seem painfully familiar to all booty nomads out there...

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Ficción   Men's Adventure

ISBN 13:9781401359645
ISBN 10:1401359647
Formato:Tapa Suave
Tamaño:7.80" l x 5.00" w x 1.10" h