Blinded by the Sunlight

Autor: McAllester, Matthew

Editorial: Harper Collins

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Blinded by the Sunlight : For eight terrifying days in March, while Baghdad was ablaze with bombs, reporter Matt McAllester and four other Westerners were imprisoned in Abu Ghraib, the most horrific prison in the Middle East. Crashing from his adrenaline-filled days of reporting the war from the streets of Baghdad and the roof of the Palestine Hotel, McAllester quickly found himself sleeping on a dirty blanket and scrounging cigarettes from guards who had just beaten other prisoners senseless. He ceased being a reporter and became the same as thousands of other innocent Iraqi civilians whose lives had come to an abrupt and violent halt when the Mukhabarat - Saddam's secret police - came knocking. But this is not just a book about a private trauma. McAllester also brings his unsurpassed perspective to bear on the stories and struggles of ordinary people in the brutal world of Iraq under Saddam - the violence, the paranoia, the endless cycle of repression. In vivid and evocative prose, and illustrated with the powerful photographs of his Newsday coworker and prison mate Moises Saman, he examines Iraq before, during, and after the war, often exposing truths previously hidden by the regime's relentless censorship and obfuscation.

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