Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Haywire Hovercraft

Autor: Ross, Graham (Ilt)
Sharpe, Luke

Editorial: Simon & Schuster

Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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Billy Sure Kid Entrepreneur and the Haywire Hovercraft : Everyone is talking about Billy Sure, the boy genius and millionaire inventor whose inventions have become instant hits. From the All Ball that turns into any sports ball to the Gross-to-Good Powder that makes even the most disgusting foods taste great, Sure Things, Inc. can do no wrong! Now Billy wants to help other kids achieve their inventing dreams, so he solicits and selects new ideas to develop.

Billy and Manny know exactly what Sure Things, Inc.'s Next Big Thing will be - a hovercraft! But when they start to build it, they notice it's a little . . . haywire. The hovercraft dips, dives, twirls, and spins, until one day, it's gone entirely, and so is Emily! Can Billy find his sister and fix the hovercraft, or will this be a crash landing for Sure Things, Inc.'

Find out in this wacky story with funny black-and-white spot illustrations throughout!

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ISBN 13:9781481461931
ISBN 10:1481461931
Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
Tamaño:7.50" l x 5.50" w x 0.50" h
Edades: 8 - 12