Beyond IQ

Autor: Sundem, Garth

Editorial: Three Rivers Press

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Beyond IQ : Forget the IQ tests and tweak those parts of intelligence that matter most to real world success.
Sure, having a high IQ is great. But surprisingly, science shows that mental abilities not captured in IQ tests can have the most impact in the real world--attributes like creativity, willpower, emotional intelligence, and intuition.
And yes--you can train those skills. In these pages, journalist Garth Sundem draws on interviews with psychology's top experts and the latest research to show you how.
Beyond IQ is a new kind of braintraining guide, one packed with useful, engaging exercises scientifically shown to help you make the most of the brain you've got in the arena that matters most--life!"
BEYOND IQ is filled with simple pen-and-paper exercises that will help you:
--teach your mind to hear that "eureka" moment of insight
--improve your problem-solving skills
--use divergent thinking to boost your creativity
--retrain your intuition to become more trustworthy
--avoid the cognitive "blinkering" that too often comes with expertise
--expand your working memory
--practice your performance under pressure
--improve your pattern-recognition skills
--sharpen your emotional intelligence
--strengthen your willpower
And more!

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