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Betting The House

Autor: Hutchinson, Brian

Editorial: Penguin Books

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Betting The House : Gambling is hardly new to Canadians. What is new, though, is the arrival of a powerful, American-style gambling industry, one that has compromised short-sighted politicians of all stripes with promises of easy money and profits as citizens from every walk of life succumb to its seductive allure. But Brian Hutchinson believes that this house of cards won't last much longer. Travelling across the country, rolling the dice in splashy new casinos and decrepit roadside dives, Hutchinson explores every facet of Canada's growing obsession with gambling - from the psychology behind it, to the business interests pushing it, to our governments' questionable role in it. A candid look at gambling's effect on us - now and in the future.

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ISBN 13:9780140283051
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