Being Alexander

Autor: Sparling, Nancy

Editorial: Ballantine Books

Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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Being Alexander : An irresistibly wicked comedy of ill-manners about personal transformation and delicious revenge. Everyone likes Alex Fairfax. He's dependable, friendly, hardworking. He is also a sucker. A sucker who sits by while his oily coworker maliciously sabotages his advertising career, then steals Alex's girlfriend under his very nose. But Alex is a sucker who has finally had enough of "yes sir" and "thank you." Enough of kowtowing to the powerful. Enough of being polite. So with the right clothes, the right hair, and the right attitude, Alex transforms himself into Alexander - avenger of the maligned. And nothing will stop him from exacting sweet vengeance on the long list of those who have done him wrong. But while pulling off one stealthy stunt after another, stealing clients and ruining a few choice careers, Alex discovers that being a shark isn't all glitz and glamour - and that his heart still beats to a very tender drum. The fact of the matter is, for Alex to truly find himself, he had to become someone else.

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Ficción   Humorous

ISBN 13:9780345450647
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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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