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Anonymous Rex/Casual Rex Omnibus

Autor: Garcia, Eric

Editorial: Ace Books

Formato:Tapa Suave
Precio de Lista:$15.00
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Anonymous Rex/Casual Rex Omnibus : Two novels in one volume. Anonymous Rex: When Vincent is called to investigate a two-bit case of arson at a hip dino nightclub, he discovers something much more sinister, which lures him back to New York City - the scene of his partner's death and a dangerous nexus of dinosaur and human intermingling. Casual Rex: Velociraptor Vincent Rubio, an L.A. private eye, and his older but hardly wiser partner, Ernie Watson, are looking for Ernie's ex-wife's son Rupert, a T-Rex, in order to rescue him from the Progressives, a cult devoted to the 'ancestors' and the premise that all dinosaurs should be 'au natural.' The dino P.I.'s kidnap Rupert and have him deprogrammed by Dr. Beaumont Beauregard, but a few days later Rupert commits suicide. Or does he? In between satirizing mind control, herd behavior, mass stupidity, dumb fashions, blood lust, sex, and noir conventions, Garcia will have you panting over the veggie and spice displays for intoxicating, mood-altering whiffs of basil and cilantro.

Categoría   Sub-Categoría
Ficción   Movie-TV Tie-In
Ficción   Science Fiction

ISBN 13:9780441012756
ISBN 10:0441012752
Formato:Tapa Suave
Tamaño:9.00" l x 6.00" w x 1.50" h
Grado: Non-Classifiable

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