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Amazing Fishing Facts and Trivia

Autor: Lolli, Tony

Editorial: Chartwell Books

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Amazing Fishing Facts and Trivia : For fans everywhere, this absorbing book contains a wealth of fascinating facts and anecdotes about fish - one of the most numerous species on the planet - as well as tales and trivia on the universally loved sport of fishing. Illustrated with hundreds of colorful images and artworks, this compendium will prove compulsive reading for fishing enthusiasts throughout the world. In these pages you'll discover: Which fish is the fastest? Who invented the spinning reel? Why do some fish have bills? What's the largest fish ever caught? When were the first waders worn? And why would Polar bear fur be great for fly-tying? Packed with lists, statistics, and folklore on the natural world of fish and the history of angling as a sport, this book is a compelling resource for any fishing enthusiast.

The types of facts and trivia in this book range from history and types of angling, fishing technique, and equipment like tackle, lures, baits, and flies. More facts about famous fishermen and women, statistics on fish, and details about freshwater and saltwater species. This book makes a perfect gift for any armchair fishermen, and also a wonderful companion to pack along with a tackle box and take out on the fishing trip. 

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