Amazing Body Facts and Trivia

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Amazing Body Facts and Trivia :

The human body is truly incredible. Amazing Body Facts and Trivia features over 400 fascinating facts, busted myths, and amazing statistics about your body, drawn from anatomy, physiology, medicine, history, and mythology - which are sure to astound, amuse, inform, and entertain. Every body is an incredibly complex machine. This book is a celebration of that machine, one that aims to set the record straight with clear explanations and reliable facts.

Amazing Body Facts and Trivia is full to the gills with facts on the muscles and skeleton; digestion and appetite; the brain and nervous system; skin, hair, nails and teeth; vision and hearing; blood, circulation and breathing; nutrition and metabolism; growth and reproduction; aging and death; genetics and evolution; and anatomy, disease and medicine. Chapters on the myths, traditions, art and misconceptions about the body will interest readers, along with astounding feats and truly unbelievable facts.

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