All the Livelong Day (Revised and Updated)

Autor: Garson, Barbara

Editorial: Penguin Books

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All the Livelong Day (Revised and Updated) : Stacking ping-pong paddles in piles of fifty. Entering 15,000 keystrokes an hour into a computer. Performing one weld on one seam on 101 cars an hour, eight hours a day. In factories and offices around this country, work is systematically reduced to the most routine and repetitious tasks. How do workers keep working without losing their minds? To find out, the author traveled around the country for two years, spying out the mind-games and minute-to-minute devices workers use to restore meaning to jobs drained of meaning in the name of profit.

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Ciencias Sociales   Minority Studies

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Formato:Papel Delgado (Paperback)
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