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A Matter Of Profit

Autor: Bell, Hilari

Editorial: HarperCollins Publisher

Formato:Tapa Dura
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A Matter Of Profit : Though he himself is sick of war, Viv Ahvren, a member of the Vivitare race, can't understand the cowardice of the T'Chin Confederation, a conglomerate of forty planets that surrendered to the Vivitare without a shot fired. Assigned the task of tracing the origins of a plot on his emperor's life, Ahvren seeks out the help of a bibliogoth, a giant antlike scholar from a conquered T'Chin race. The bibliogoth will help him organize his thinking for a fee, or take him on as an apprentice if he can figure out why the T'Chin surrendered.

Categoría   Sub-Categoría
Young Adult Fiction   Fantasy
Ficción para Niños   Mysteries, Espionage, & Detective Stories

ISBN 13:9780060295134
ISBN 10:0060295139
Formato:Tapa Dura
Tamaño:9.30" l x 6.27" w x 1.00" h
Edades: 12+
Grado: Intermediate