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Shipping and Handling Charges

Drop-Ship orders are sent without any pricing or OfertondeLibros information.

  • Our handling charge of $1.00 per order covers the cost to pull and pack orders.
  • Shipping rates are calculated in advance, based on the size of your order and the country of destination. Our shipping charges include:
    1. packaging (approximately 40 cents to $2.00 per order)
    2. shipper's wages to pack and ship each order
    3. delivery costs to post office/courier service
    4. actual postage as marked on the outside of each package
    5. customer service time
  • If you have a registered OfertondeLibros account, you can view your shipping charges before finalizing a purchase. Simply visit our store, click on checkout, click on proceed to purchase, and view your Final Purchase Summary. Summary includes subtotal, shipping, handling, tax and total.